Commission Work

Need something done?

You've come to the right place! Using my expertise, I can help improve your event. The work shown below are just a couple examples of what I've done, but it's definitely not the limit! If you have any ideas, I'd like to hear them! Most projects are coded in either Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS or Node-Red, depending on the task of course.

Layouts and Graphics

Want to impress your audience? Amazing graphics is the way to go! Using NodeCG, there are infinite possibilities when it comes to displaying information on screen. In terms of layouts, I can create a basic pack for you, or give me some custom layouts and I'll import them into NodeCG. All layout-based work is compatible with my Speedcontrol Layouts bundle.

If you need some custom custom layouts, like a donation shower or scoreboard, I can do that as well! Give me the specs, and I'll get right to work making your vision become a reality!

Production Systems

Layouts are neat and such, but they become useless if you cannot control them properly. With Restreamer Dashboard, that's not a problem! Easily control OBS from the comfort of your own browser, without having to connect to another PC via Teamviewer.

Add a feature to the existing software, or create a whole new system, you pick. Need someone to host everything? My server is up to the task! Depending on the project, either NodeCG or Node-Red will be used.

Discord Bots

Take your event to the next level with custom Discord bots! Post donations in chat every time one comes in (shown here), manage runners and commentators, add some reaction roles, the possibilities are endless!

My Discord bots are coded in Javascript, and are self-hosted (meaning the bot runs off your computer). If you need someone else to host your bot for a short period of time, that can also be arranged.


Depending on the size of your organization and the complexity of your project, my prices usually range from $20 to $200. Yes, it's really that simple.

Included in the price are unlimited revisions, all source files and full support in case you run into problems. Commissioned projects are usually posted to Github for others to use, but if you rather keep your project private, you're welcome to ask at no extra charge. If you need your project done faster than the regular timeframe, I charge between $10 and $50 extra, depending on my availability and the size/complexity of your project.

Payment is done through Paypal, and done in two steps. Before starting the project, I ask for a upfront deposit amounting to 50% of the final cost. Once your project is completed to your satisfaction, the remaining balance is paid. If for some reason I cannot complete your project or you are unsatisfied with the result, you are entitled to a refund of your deposit. No refunds will be issued to completed projects already paid in full.


Most communications are done through Discord, which is my preferred way of communication. If Discord's not your thing, I'm also willing to communicate via email. I usually respond within 24 hours of any message.

Every couple days or so, I like to send out a message outlining the current state of your project. If possible, I also provide photos and/or demos of your project. Feel free to reach out at anytime to make changes or to discuss possible improvements.

Timeframe and Availability

Depending on the size and complexity of your project, the time between conception and completion is usually a couple weeks. This includes the actual development, testing, and revisions. If you're too eager to wait, I do offer faster development at a premium. The timeframe for that is about a week or two, depending on the size/complexity of your project.

In terms of availability, I'm usually available during most times of the year. I am currently studying in college, so availability may be limited or nonexistent during periods of high activity, such as school projects or exams. On top of that, I also participate in various marathons during the year, so availability may be limited at those times as well. Keep in mind that school and other marathons are prioritized over commissioned work.

I believe that communication is important, so I'll make sure to let you know of any conflicts before starting your project. In the event that I need to delay a project due to an unforeseen circumstance, I'll let you know as soon as possible.


All my commission work comes with full support. If you ever run into problems down the road, let me know and I'll fix it, or walk you through the solution. This also includes an installation walkthrough, bugfixes, and more.

If you would like to add additional features to your project after completion, I may or may not ask for a payment depending on the age of the project, the complexity, and my availability. Please reach out to me for more information.

Are you ready to bring your idea to life?